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MIC requests notification announcement Because there are people pretending to deceive !! By using the name of MIC company, someone was damaged according to the information and details attached here.

From the case that Philips Company has announced a solution to the problem of sound absorbing foam. For confidence in the use of customers, MIC Company Strictly implemented according to Philips policy, which is free service.without any cost If you are not sure whether your machine has been solved or not.You can inquire directly at the company.

Finally, the reason why the company must issue this warning Because we have been informed by many victims of the behavior of collecting money from people using their names."Jeab" Company Thai Sleep Medicare Pretending to be a former employee of MIC Company .To deceive and mislead victims into believingTo obtain the money of those who have been deceived or have been damaged in some other way.

Please do not believe at all.If you have already received damage from such behavior .You can report it to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB).You can get it in person at the hotline 1166 or

Additional information of the user named "Jeab" of Thai Sleep Medical Company Will use the phone number 082-394-2442 has an address around Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani, named Line : cpap456 and Line cpap956 Use a Kasikorn Bank account, account name Miss Dolaya Paiboon, account number 1701137007.To trick victims into transferring money.

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